About Us

About Us

It all started in 1989 when Simon Cressey purchased Birkdale Timbers. At that stage the business had a total staff of 6.  With the Company focus firmly on the residential market, a pre-cut, pre-nailing plant was established in 1992 and 2 years later the installation of the truss plant followed. We now had all the ingredients to service our loyal  customers with their requirements. Rapid expansion followed as our customers reaped the benefits of our commitments.

The Company also established export markets within the Pacific Rim, but this has increased to include Japan, Canada and even as far away as England from the TimberWorld Warkworth yard.

With expansion also came the age-old problem of storage space, so a decision was made to expand the business further and in 1998 a suitable business was found which suited our requirements because of their similar focus on the residential market and their location within the Greater Auckland Region. After many attempts (and years) to purchase this business, it all finally came to fruition in November 2001 with the acquisition of the the TimberWorld Warkworth branch managed by John Merrick.

A decision was made at this time to also change the name of the branches to TimberWorld Ltd which includes the north auckland TimberWorld Warkworth yard.

On the 1st April 2016, Simon Cressey sold his interests in the other 2 branches and maintains full ownership of the TimberWorld Warkworth Ltd Branch.

The TimberWorld Warkworth branch has further developed it services with the establishment of a new on site pre-cut, pre-nail frame manufacturing plant and to meet the ever increasing demand in WarkWorth, this now includes the latest manufacturing machinery for truss manufacturing complete with a new fully automated paperless truss manufacturing saw in a new building on the TimberWorld Warkworth Ltd site. 

We remain committed to our values of being able to supply a quality product at a competitive price with a top level of service. We trust that you will also actively persue these values with the same enthusiasm as we do.

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